Lokrocks (ECS) – 134mm / 90mm widths x 138 depth x 80mm high

The Lokrock unit at only 2.5kg allows you to easily create garden edging in virtually any shape you want with only one type of unit. Lokrock is generally used to divide garden beds from lawn areas, create circle features, create borders and micro-walls. The block design allows adjacent blocks to interlock in both the forward and back dimensions to help prevent units from dislodging. Easily curved or straight lines. Blocks can be cut in half to make 90 degree corner. For dimensions and other information have a look at the Lokrock brochure.

Available in 4 popular colours – Ivory, Autumn Gold, Red Ochre and Bluestone.

Lokrock Autumn Gold

Lokrock BluestoneMickayla Gregory

Lokrock Ivory

Lokrock Red Ochre