With their timeless appeal, elegance and durability, Riverstone Pavers, Bullnose & Edging are slip resistant and easy to maintain, making them the perfect choice to enhance your swimming pool, patio or compliment the most discerning architectural design.

With a variety of paver types and finishes like the original finish that feels smooth, the textured finish which looks textured but feels smooth and feature aggregates which adds that individual touch to your design. Riverstone pavers are ideally suited to both Commercial and Residential applications.

Maintenance, should be conducted in accordance with the sealer manufacturers recommendations. Sweeping and washing of the pavers should be carried out as it is needed and will help protect and show off your Riverstone Pavers in the best possible way they should be. Removing spills and cleaning the area immediately is the best policy.

Bullnose & Edging

Bullnose & Edging Styles