Tasman Blocks

The Tasman retaining wall system is the premium retaining wall product for near vertical and very high retaining walls. Its natural rock face finish and colours, and purpose made corner and capping units ensure a beautifully finished landscape solution.

The unique design of the Tasman allows increased flexibility over other retaining wall systems in the way it allows near vertical walls to curve or have 90* corners. The blocks are easily dry-stacked and their patented design ensures that the block below locks into the block above with a minimal 10mm setback to form an attractive structural retaining wall. The capping unit is adhered to the top course of blocks to finish off the wall.

Features include:

  • Near Vertical Walls
  • Do it Yourself
  • No Concrete Footings Required
  • Wide range of natural colours
  • 90° Corners, Steps, Straight or Curved Walls
  • Walls to 660mm high without reinforcement or engineering
    (subject to local council requirements)

8 modern colours are available.
Council approval may be required.
Brochures are available upon request.

Tasman Block Appin Stone

Tasman Block Bush Rock

Tasman Block Charcoal

Tasman Block Yellow Rock

Tasman Block Colour Choices