Shade Cloths

Our shade cloth is available in 2 widths, 1.8m & 3.6m
Our shade cloth has a range of uses which is why we stock a variety. Assorted colours to choose from with 50, 70 & 90% UV rating, something that everyone needs to protect their guests and family from the sun. From extra heavy, to medium and light – so you can easily find one that suits your garden or pergola. Ideal for patios, courtyards, privacy screens, dog kennels, ferneries, caravan annexes, barbeque areas, carports, aviaries, pool covers and swimming pool shading. And they meet the stringent Australian Standard for exterior outdoor fabrics. When purchasing your shadecloth it's important to select the correct type and grade of shadecloth for the specific application. For example, if the intention is to protect people, a high grade shadecloth should be used.
With great airflow to keep you cooler in the summer heat.