Jumbo sleepers are approx. 20mm thicker than a standard sleeper, all other dimensions are the same. Thicker steel reinforcing rods are used in the manufacture of jumbo sleepers. Once a sleeper wall reaches 1400mm in height jumbo sleepers are required. Standard sleepers are still used for the top seven sleepers in the wall. Note: when using jumbo sleepers the steel post size need to be increased to 150mm from 100mm. Jumbo sleepers are currently only available in the plain and rocktex. Approx. weight 75kg ea.

Maxi jumbos are longer and thicker than the standard sleeper. 150mm steel posts are reqd to accomodate them. Y16 rods are used in the manufacture of them. Appx weight 100kg ea.

Maxi sleepers are longer than the standard concrete sleeper (2400mm). They are only available in the plain smooth finish. Larger diameter rods (Y16) are used in in the manufacture. Appx weight 75kg.